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Our goal

The central objective of MESS4GE is to increase the capacity of SMEs in Europe to effectively establish the process of analysis and reporting of sustainability performance according to ESG criteria.

Its main area of expertise concerns environment and fight against climate change as well as contributing to innovation in vocational education and training.

How are we going to reach it?

This project adopts an innovative methodology enhancing the current legal and theoretical concepts of ESG (taxonomy, non-financial reports, financial reports ESG). We have created a new framework for the reporting of ESG performance in European SMEs, based on ESRS/EFRAG standards. The horizontal priority Environment and fight against climate change calls for the creation of new knowledge and skills that can actually support sustainable development and the fight against climate change. MESS4GE responds to both these requirements. To do this we have developed a​ capacity-building package to enable professionals such as consultants and auditors.

Benefits for the target groups

The Project

Consultants & Auditors

The project equips consultants with a deep understanding of sustainable business practices, social responsibility, and effective governance strategies. By integrating ESG principles into their consulting approach, consultants can help businesses face challenges of sustainability, stakeholder engagement, and ethical decision-making. This not only enhances their ability to advise clients on ESG-related issues but also enables them to unlock opportunities for growth, mitigate risks, and foster long-term value creation. ​

Business Trainers​

MESS4GE enables trainers to equip businesses with the necessary tools to address emerging ESG challenges, improve their reputation, and attract socially conscious stakeholders. By integrating ESG concepts into their training sessions, business trainers can empower organizations to build a sustainable and responsible business culture while fostering long-term success and positive societal impact.​

The Project
The Project

SMEs and employees

SMEs in general, will be actively involved in the activities of the project. European SMEs’ employees will be considered as a secondary target group to ensure that organizations not performing a formal audit will be able, in accordance with the requirements of the law, to share an ESG assessment.

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Co-funded by the European Union

Project Number:   2022-2-IE01-KA220-VET-000098541
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The Project

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